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VES AWARDED F-22 Rapidly Deployable LO / Maintenance Hangar SBIR CONTRACT

VES has partnered with Figure Engineering and is on SBIR contract with the USAF to provide a portable and rigid modular aircraft hangar that is capable of supporting Painting, Sanding and Blasting operations of F-22 and similar sized aircraft.

This unique and specialized modular facility is able to be erected utilizing a small crew of aircraft maintainers utilizing basic hand tools in approximately 30 days.  The structure is designed to be assembled on the ground in sections  and stood in place using a 5K to 6K all terrain forklift with approximately a 30’ reach. Other equipment needed will be 2-3 scissor lifts (or similar manual maintenance stands) with a 26’ height reach, a 6K warehouse forklift, rigging equipment, hammer drill and other cordless tolls.