Blast Cabinet NSN Raptor Series 60

Re: Veteran Equipment Sales (VES) Raptor Series-60 / Hex-VI Protection Edition / Blast Cabinet Specifications

VES’s Raptor Series Blast Cabinets is the industry’s most powerful and cleanest cabinet specifically engineered to increase operator safety, dramatically reduce and eliminate operator exposure to harmful hexavalent chromium dust and contaminated media, reduce repetitive stress injuries, and increase factory throughput. The Raptor Series incorporates the most advanced SBIR developed technologies specifically manufactured for the monitoring, control, and capture of all harmful dust. As with all of our blast cabinets, the Raptor Series cabinet is specifically designed and engineered to be in compliance with the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienist (ACGIH) ventilation guide, OSHA, and the Air Force Corrosion Control Reference Guide (AFCCRG).

Unlike all of our competitors who only offer ergonomic features as an option, our ACGIH Raptor Blast Cabinet comes with the ergonomic features standard, which provides maximum operator comfort and protection for your operators. Our ergo cabinets include a comfort knee space for additional leg room while seated. Also included is an adjustable padded seat and backrest, with a seat height range of 24” to 33”. The Raptor includes an easily adjustable (no tools needed) multi-position arm rest and footrest. This exceptional design incorporates an integrated “stem and hook” support system built directly to the cabinet which allows the operator to quickly “lift and set” the rest to their most comfortable working height. If the footrest is not needed it simply lifts from the hooks and can be placed on the storage station located on the side of the blast cabinet. If the arm rest is not needed, it quickly lifts and swings down and out of the operator’s way. Also included is a custom cabinet mounted blast hose holder. This positions the blast hose in a more direct angle entering the blast cabinet, relieving the operator of unnecessary stress of holding the blast hose “torque”. Whether your artisans are 5’-2” or 6’-2”, the Raptor ensures operator comfort with tool free, quick and easy, adjustability. Also included is our StealthStrip™ ultra quiet blast nozzle

1. 10-gauge steel construction of enclosure, dust collector, and reclaimer
2. Entire motor/blower assembly is installed in a sound-proof enclosure
3. 60” wide x 48” deep x 36” high working compartment
4. Two 43” wide x 30” high doors
5. A massive 16” x 34” Cabinet Viewing Window, for unmatched process observation
6. Self-clearing cabinet viewing window to maximize visibility in the cabinet
7. Blast interlocks to prevent blasting with doors open
8. One-piece heavy-duty anti-static operator protective gloves
9. Four-tube LED light fixtures, providing 300 foot-candles of lighting at the blast cabinet floor workspace.
10. Dust Collector cartridges are easily accessed for removal via a hinged door secured by a HD cam-over latch and bar. The door is hinged so that it does not injure an operator when the door is opened, but swings easily away from the dust collector for cartridge filter inspections or replacement by the operator
11. Primary High Efficiency (HE) cartridge filters are mounted in the true vertical position
12. Cartridge filters can be internally bagged and sealed within the dust collector body prior to removal
13. No tools are needed to remove/replace the primary cartridge filters
14. Primary cartridge filters are Double Gasketed for superior sealing
15. Access doors (Cabinet and Power Pack) are Double Gasketed
16. A Powerful 10 HP, 1,300 CFM high static blower. Produces an impressive 24 air changes/min. This means our Raptor Series can maintain ACGIH requirements much further through the filter life. This gives better visibility and a much cleaner cabinet
17. 1,300 CFM certified dust collector has primary cartridge filters and a secondary HEPA filter as standard equipment. All other competitors offer this level of protection as an optional feature. Primary filter has three cartridges with 732 square feet of cartridge filter area and a filtration efficiency of 98.85% at 0.5 microns. The generous filtration area “air to cloth ratio” (actual ventilation air CFM divided by area of filter media), the primary filters provide a 1.64 ratio for longer filter life
18. The secondary HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter is rated by CFM capacity and the Raptor is rated for 2,000 CFM, a generous margin above the 1,300 CFM of the system. HEPA filter efficiency is 99.97% at 0.3 microns
19. Both the primary and HEPA filters are on the suction side of the blower to prevent dust blow-out. This assures safety because no dust is under positive pressure
20. The 1,300 CFM media reclaim system offers unmatched ability to get the maximum amount of use from each pound of media purchased. The high CFM, high static pressure reclaim system elevates particle velocity and improves separation, which translates to lower media costs. The cyclone is engineered to accommodate 1,300 standard CFM and incorporates the mechanical design to allow fine tuning of particle size removal from the process mix
21. High flow/high-capacity UL approved True HEPA filtration
22. Photohelic auto pulse filter cleaning is standard. No need to guess or push a button when you “think” the filters require a pulse cleaning, the Raptor Series cabinet automatically monitors filter loading and only pulses when necessary. This feature aids greatly in longer filter life by preventing under and over pulsing
23. The Raptor Series 60 cabinet door seals feature our Door Air Purge System (DAPS) to clear and remove debris from around the door seals prior to opening cabinet doors
24. Whisper Quiet (compared to other cabinets in its class) boasting ONLY 74db – 3′ from the power pack
25. StealthStrip™ ultra quiet 3/8” blast nozzle
26. For long blast nozzle operation without interruption, the Raptor Series has a 1.7 cubic foot blast generator with a 60-degree bottom angle pressure vessel with fluidized bed in its lower portion for smooth non-pulsing media flow into the media metering valve and conveying blast hose
27. Media mass flow rate is controlled by a hand adjustable media metering valve with flow control, clean-out port, and media quick dump feature for fast media change. Media flows vertically into the moving air stream
28. Blast on/off is controlled by the operator foot pedal
29. Moisture separator
30. Air pressure regulator with remote controller and gauge mounted on cabinet control panel
31. A tough urethane popup and seat for extended wear and service life
32. X-Large 10” dia. glove rings for maximum cabinet reach and maneuverability.
33. Ergonomic adjustable foot, arm rest, and blast hose holder are standard, and can be adjusted or removed without the use tools.
34. Includes our StealthStrip™ Stubby blast nozzle. This nozzle is up to 20db quieter @ 100 psi operating pressure than any other standard nozzle.
35. Complies with the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) rule 1401
36. Certificate signed by a graduate Mechanical Engineer stating the system has been tested with pitot tube instrumentation at the factory and exceeds ACGIH requirements of 20 air changes per minute
37. Electrical Standard 208-230/460-volt (customer’s choice), 3 phase, 60 Hz
38.Each Raptor Series-60 includes, ChromeKiller™ – Hexavalent Chromium Decontamination System
39.Also included is an adjustable padded seat and backrest, with a seat height range of 24” to 33”.

This equipment is manufactured and provided by Veteran Equipment Sales. VES is a
Certified and Registered Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

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