Hex Checks™

Hex Checks™

Hex Checks™ is the only product that provides a fast, efficient, easy-to-use surface testing method for Hexavalent Chromium. Built to suit the needs of DoD maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations, Hex Checks™ are designed to be carried everywhere and anywhere that Hex Chrome dust might travel.


The Report is Out, and it’s Official!HexChecks(TM) have been officially tested, validated, and “recommended” as the approved Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI) testing method for the U.S. Air Force going forward.

From workstations,
office equipment, even
your clothes and car,

Hex Checks™

Hex Checks™ provides clear confirmations

Hex Checks™ turn from pink to purple in the presence of Hex Chrome. The darker the color, the higher the concentration.

From the blasting booth to
office equipment, be sure to check with
Hex Checks™

Meeting the Needs of Your Organization

Use Hex Checks™ with ChromeKiller™ to provide a complete test and cleaning solution

Product Description Part Number
Packs – Hex ChecksTM (10 per pack) 900-100-004
Box – Hex ChecksTM (500 per box) 900-400-003
Hex/Chrome Combo-Kit
1 qty Hex ChecksTM box (500 per box)
1-gallon ChromeKillerTM
2 ChromeKillerTM full quart spray bottles
Hex/Chrome Economy Pack
10 Hex ChecksTM packs (10 per pack)
1 Hex ChecksTM box (500 per box)
2 gallon ChromeKillerTM + 4 empty spray bottles

Hex Checks

Hex Checks™ pack

Hex Check

Keeping you safe.
Keeping things simple.

Hex ChecksTM creates an easy way
to keep your team’s safe while
keeping your operations running.

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Hex ChecksTM
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