Hex Checks™

HexChecks™ is the only product that provides a fast, efficient, and easy to use surface testing method for Hexavalent Chromium. Built to suit the needs of DoD maintenance operations, HexChecks™ are designed to be carried everywhere and anywhere that Hex-Chrome dust might travel.

HexChecks™ is the Anywhere Solution

From the blasting booth to office equipment,
even your clothes,
car & cell phone,

Be Sure to Check With

Hex Checks™

HexChecks™ Provides Clear Confirmations

HexChecks™ turns from white to purple in the presence of Hex-Chrome. The darker the color, the higher the concentration of Hex-Chrome.

Focused on Operator and Personnel Safety

Keeping you safe.
Keeping things simple.

HexChecks™ creates an easy way
to keep your teams safe while
keeping your operations running.

Meeting the Needs of Your Organization

combined with
provides a complete
test & remediation

Product Description VES Part Number National Stock Number(NSN)
HexChecks™(500 Box) 900-100-003 7930-01-699-9107
HexChecks™(10 Box) 900-100-004 7930-01-699-9109
ChromeKiller™ Quart Spray Bottle 900-100-006 7930-01-699-9112
ChromeKiller™ Gallon Bottel 900-100-002 7930-01-700-7934
ChromeKiller™ 275 Gallon Tote 900-100-009 7930-01-699-9108
ChromeKiller™ 90 Count Wipes 900-100-013 7930-01-700-6836
ChromeKiller™ Degreaser Gallon 900-100-014 7930-01-699-9113
ChromeKiller™ Laundry Soap 10 Ib 900-100-016 7930-01-699-8441
ChromeKiller™ HexAbsorbTM
Containment compound 15 Ib
900-100-018 7930-01-699-8600
ChromeKiller™ HexAbsorbTM
Containment compound 4 Ib
900-100-019 7930-01-699-8598
Hex/Chrome Combo-Kit
Qty 1 HexChecks™ (500 Box)
Qty 1 ChromeKiller™ Gallon Bottle
Qty 2 ChromeKiller™ Quart Spray Bottles
900-100-007 7930-01-699-9114
Hex/Chrome Economy Pack
Qty 1 HexChecks™ (10 Packs)
Qty 1 HexChecks™ (500 Box)
Qty 2 ChromeKiller™ Gallon Bottle
Qty 4Empty Spray Bottles
900-100-008 7930-01-699-9111
HexAbsorb™ Spill Kit Bucket
Qty 1 HexAbsorb™ (4Ib Bucket)
Qty 1 HexChecks™ (10 pack)
Qty 1 Paper Towel (Industrial Roll)
Qty 1 Industrial Rubber Gloves (1 Pair)
900-100-020 7930-01-699-8601

Available via NSN

1-877-75 BLAST