Developed to suit the needs of DoD maintenance, repair, and overhaul operators inside the U.S. Air Force, ChromeKiller™ is the only cleaning product that neutralizes Hexavalent Chromium (Hex-Chrome). ChromeKiller™ is a cleaning product designed to counteract, convert and neutralize carcinogenic Hex-Chrome into non-toxic tri-chrome.

transforms into

Converting Hex-Chrome into Tri-Chrome allows cleaning materials to be disposed of as general non-hazardous waste. Other current market products MUST be disposed of as hazardous waste.

eliminates > 98% of

Fast and ready to use

ChromeKiller™ can be easily mixed into traditional cleaners or industrial process detergents.

• Allows cleaning wipes and agents to be disposed with non-hazardous waste
• Converts Hexavalent Chrome to Tri-Chrome on contact
• Clean large or small surface areas
• Fast and easy to use, no waiting

Keep work areas clean
and employees safe

• Creates a cleaner and safer work environment
• Reduces risk for Hex-Chrome related incidents and citations
• Increase worker confidence
• Fast and easy to use, no waiting
• Reduces hazardous waste disposal costs

Product Description Part Number
ChromeKiller™ Full Qt. spray bottle 900-100-06
ChromeKiller™ Empty Qt. spray bottle 900-400-005
ChromeKiller™ Gallon 900-100-002
Hex/Chrome Combo Kit
1 qty Hex ChecksTM box (500 per box)
1 gallon ChromeKiller™
2 ChromeKiller™ full quart spray bottles
Hex/Chrome Economy Pack
10 Hex Checks™ packs (10 per pack)
1 Hex Checks™ box (500 per box)
2 gallon ChromeKillerTM + 4 empty spray bottles

Combine with

Hex CheckS™

to provide a
complete test
and clean

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