Breathing Air

Compressed Air Systems for Breathing Air

Sullair SRL Series scroll air compressors are the perfect choice for applications requiring oil free air, including:

– Pharmaceuticals
– Food and beverage manufacturing
– Electronics
– High-technology manufacturing
– Research & Development applications

– Robotics
– Dental applications
– Automotive
– Paint
– High quality oil less instrument air

Why Oil Free?
In many operations, compressed air comes into contact with items in the manufacturing process. When air purity is critical — oil free air is essential. Oil particulates in compressed air can contaminate downstream processes and production. Oil Free compressors help eliminate potential contamination as no oil or lubricant is introduced into the air compression process. Reduced risk of contamination helps improve your business operations and protability.

Air Quality Standards

ISO 8573-1 Classes

Class 0 Oil Free Air — For applications in which air purity is essential, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, automotive painting, and textiles. Under the ISO 8573-1 Class Zero classi cation, Sullair compressors are designed to operate oil free, minimizing the risk of contaminating the process air or gas.


The Sullair SRL Series provides oil free air reliably, ef ciently and quietly! Built on Hitachi engineering, the SRL Series represents advanced scroll compressor technology to meet your oil free compressed air needs — today and tomorrow.

SRL Exclusive Scroll and Pump Design

  • Patented scroll wrap design with labyrinth seal provides superior performance and reliability
  • Proprietary tip seal reduces air leakage while extending service intervals
  • Two air inlets to reduce stress on pump (5.5 kW pump only)
    • Leads to tighter upper air band
    • Extends life of pump
  • Leads to tighter upper air band „ Extends life of pump
  • Normal maintenance can be completed without disassembling pump

Integrated Design for Maximum User Benefits

  • Highly efficient cooling
    • Multi stage cooling reduces ambient temperature out
  • Receiver tank helps dissipate heat while reducing compressor starts/stops
  • Air pressures to 145 psig
  • Extremely quiet
    • Full enclosure standard
    • Mechanical and electrical vibration isolation
    • Designed to be placed at point of air need
    • Sound levels as low as 48 dB(A)
  • Compact design reduces oor space needed
  • Maintenance friendly
    • Multi stage cooling reduces ambient temperature out

SRL Series (Simplex shown ) 1. Control Panel
2. Emergency Stop button
3. Starter Panel
4. Condensate Drain Valve

5. Electric Main Motor – 2, 3, 5 or 7.5 hp
– 1800 rpm
– NEMA Premium Ef cient – Severe Duty
– Simplex package – 1 motor
– Multiplex package – 1 motor per scroll pump
– TEFC standard

6. SRL Scroll Pump – Simplex – 1 scroll pump – Multiplex – up to 6 scroll pumps – No disassembly needed for normal maintenance

7. Intake Air Filter

8. Rubber Vibration Isolators -— help reduce vibration and operating noise

9. Discharge Stop Valve

Multi-Stage Cooling Reduces Need for High Temp Dryers

10. Primary Aftercooler

11. Air Receiver Tank – Helps dissipate heat – Reduces starts and stops, which helps reduce stress on scroll pump

11. Ventilating Fan
provides secondary after cooling

SRL Series – Controller

1. Digital Display — shows discharge pressure; total run hours; alarm/errors (if applicable)
2. Indicator Lights — top = Discharge Pressure (psig); bottom = Operating Time (x10 Hours)
3. Screen Shift Switch — toggles display
4. Compressor Operation Light — shows green while compressor is in operation
5. Control Mode Switch (Multiplex Models Only) — changes compressor control modes
6. Maintenance Alert — Light shows when maintenance intervals have been reached
7. Compressor Start/Stop Switches