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ChromeKiller™ & Hex Checks™
Commercial Catalog

Chrome Killer™ is a cleaning product designed to eliminate carcinogenic HexavalentChromium. Developed to meet the needs of the Aerospace Repair and Overhaul industry, Chrome Killer™ is the only cleaning product that eliminates Hexavalent-Chromium by converting it into a non-hazardous Trivalent-Chromium. Use in combination with HexChecks™ to Check, Treat & Confirm. VES offers a variety of purchase options to meet your specific need.

Product Catalog (2021)

Product DescriptionPart NumberCatalog Prices
HexChecksTM (10 Pack)900-100-004$ 67.00
HexChecksTM (500 Box)900-100-003$ 3,355.00
ChromeKiller™ Full Qt. spray bottle900-100-006$ 285.00
ChromeKiller™ Empty Qt. spray bottle900-400-005$ 9.00
ChromeKiller™ Gallon900-100-002$ 750.00
Hex/Chrome Combo-Kit
Qty 1 HexCheck TM (500 Box)
Qty 1 Gallon Chrome Killer TM
Qty 2 Chrome Killer TM Full Qt. Spray Bottles
900-100-007$ 4,200.00
Hex/Chrome Economy Pack
Qty 10 HexCheck TM (10 Packs)
Qty 1 HexCheck TM (500 Box)
Qty 2 Chrome Killer TM (1 Gallon Bottle)
Qty 4 Empty Spray Bottle
900-100-008$ 4,775.00
Chrome KillerTM (275 Gal Tote)900-100-009$ 148,000.00
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