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AF Research Laboratory & the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine confirmed; Hex Checks™ “performs better”!

Independent test company SGS Galson and the USAF Research Laboratory agree that Hex Checks™  provide a simple, fast, and accurate method for validating the presence of Hexavalent Chromium.

Hex Checks™ was recently evaluated by the US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). AFRL directly compared Hex Checks™ against an internal Air Force method for Hexavalent Chromium testing as well as the discontinued 3M ChromateCheck™ product. The products were evaluated for sensitivity to hexavalent chromium across a wide range of concentrations and temperatures. Results indicate Hex Checks™ has similar sensitivity compared to the Air Force internal method of testing as well as the discontinued 3M product.

The report also evaluated shelf-life and ease of use. Hex Checks™ performed better than the other methods in these tests. The Air Force internal testing method requires the use of a lab with trained personnel, stringent mixing procedures, and uses materials with a shelf life of around 1 day after creation. By comparison, Hex Checks™ were designed for ease of use, and has a long shelf life in comparison. All testing materials are contained within the HexChecks™ applicator pen.

USAFSAM is in the process of finalizing the full evaluation report for publication on DTIC where interested government personnel are encouraged to obtain it for review.

Additionally, AFRL and USAFSAM are wrapping up their internal testing of ChromeKiller™. Stay tuned for their official report but our understanding is that ChromeKiller™ is performing as advertised. VES is looking forward to the government’s completed test report which is expected to confirm SGS Galson’s independent testing which showed that ChromeKiller™ in fact removes harmful Hexavalent Chrome leaving only harmless Tri-Chrome.