Controlled Entry Access Systems (CEAS)

Controlled Entry Access Systems (CEAS)

VES’ Controlled Entry Access Systems (CEAS) for Main Entry Applications is a motorized turnstile that is equipped with body temperature sensing and personnel entry counter. This universal kit can be utilized in any kind of swing door, sliding door and/or entrance to allow managing any access control area.

The Controlled Door Entry System is designed to help companies provide a safe and healthy work environment for persons entering any building.

The temperature monitoring capability allows controlled safety of commercial and public environments by limiting access to persons with normal body temperature readings. In the event the body temperature of a person entering the building exceeds the set condition the motorized arms will close or become locked to limit that person’s access.

Additionally, the personnel counter also allows companies to monitor the number of persons within entering or existing buildings simplifying compliance to social distancing guidelines. When the set number of persons have passed through the turnstile the system will lock out persons until someone has exited the enclosed area.

Lock-out conditions are non-permanent allowing persons to enter or exit should an emergency situation require it.


  1. Painted tube-steel construction
  2. Visual/acoustic signal
  3. Infrared sensors
  4. Temperature monitoring
  5. Counter device
  6. Access control through card/fingerprint/face reader (Optional) (RS 232 RS 485)