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What does it mean to be NIOSH Compliant?

Federal studies have shown that contaminated work clothing is not only a hazard to the worker themselves, but also contaminates coworkers and even family members when it is deposited in personal vehicles and at home when work clothes are not changed or cleaned at the end of the work shift. Due to Federal regulations limiting the use of compressed air as a means to remove harmful dust from clothing the mining industry historically used HEPA vacuums to manually remove harmful dust from worker’s clothing; a process that is difficult, ineffective and time consuming.

In early 2000’s the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) worked with commercial industry to develop a safe and effective method for removing harmful dust from work clothes without exposing the worker, co-workers, or the work environment. NIOSH set out to meet the stringent respirable dust standards needed by the silica sand industry and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

The resulting air shower design is now available to the US Military via NSN (4460-01-698-7874). VES’s proven design meets the stringent requirements set by NIOSH providing 85% of dust removal within 18 seconds while maintaining the enclosure under negative pressure with HEPA dust filtration.

NIOSH does not “certify” equipment to these standards, however, NIOSH was instrumental in developing the design standards, testing requirements, and working with industry to develop the only air shower that meets these stringent requirements.

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