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VES Delivers Another Advanced Stripping System to the New Ike Skeleton Army Training Site CSMS Building, Jefferson City, MO, 65101

Installation Begins!!


•Proprietary Interlocking Double-Sealed Panels prevent dust leakage through wall joints.
•EASY-SLIDE Filter Cartridge System: Easy slide system provides for easier maintenance and filter replacement.  Cartridge locking system includes a positive locking bar with an easy grip metal/rubber locking feature.  Eliminates zip-tie locking.
•Cartridge Filter Integral Pan – Are Double Gasketed and the  Filter pan is integral to the filter design eliminating rivets and loose-fitting filter installations.
•Dust Collectors – Modular & Expandable allowing you to easily modify existing ventilation systems for future mission requirements. Filter Access Doors are swing style, designed with a heavy duty cam-over bar latching system that remains attached during filter change.   The doors can also be easily removed if necessary.
Dust Collector Slide Gates are Fully Housed and Include an Internal Wiper Seal for the Gate Actuator Rod and contain no external seals that are prone to dry rotting and leaking on all other manufactures designs. This also results in a significant reduction in dust leakage during waste drum change-out.
•Our New Lighting Panel Design Includes a proprietary Positive Locking Feature replacing the old gravity style applications and includes a double sealing method to prevent leakage.
•All VES’ Floor Media Selectors Include Fully Housed and Ventilated Systems: Both Linear & Rotary Style Selectors are available.
•Unlike any other Heavy-Particle-Separator (HPS) on the market, VES’ is fully enclosed and sealed to prevent dust leakage
As you can see, VES’ superior equipment designs makes it torturous for dust to escape!