Veteran Equipment Sales News & Updates

VES/Fig – Continuing to lead the war on Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6)


Instant Hexavalent Chrome Pocket Test (IHCPT)

This “pocket” solution test instantly identifies the presence of toxic hexavalent chromium (Cr6) on surfaces. When surfaces containing Cr6 are dabbed with the test swab, the swab will instantly turn pink. Full color will develop within 2 minutes. The test is selective to hexavalent chrome and will not show color when exposed to other materials such as trivalent chrome, steel, or general shop dust. The test kit can be used to rapidly identify Cr6 contaminated areas, verify good housekeeping practices, and check for drag out in break rooms. The kit is also small enough to be carried in a pocket and ready when you need it.

Hexavalent Chrome Obliteration Matter (HCOM)

A new and innovative method to neutralize and detoxify hexavalent chromium. When applied to contaminated surfaces and materials, the product attacks and detoxifies hexavalent chrome. The method itself is non-toxic and safe for a wide range of surfaces. The product is available in powder, mist, and cleaner based formulations. It can be used for routine housekeeping, wiping of blasted/sanded parts, and most importantly, it can be applied directly into your blast media to eliminate hex chrome dusts at the source as they are generated.