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NSN 4940-01-699-7014 Two Operator Blast Booth – Hexavalent Chromium Elimination Edition

VES is excited to announce that our most sophisticated and innovative blast booth system, specifically designed to control and eliminate hazardous dust, is now available for purchase under a National Stock Number: 4940-01-699-7014.

Please read below to see all of our advanced specifications and designs that sets VES apart from all the “others”.  There’s no longer any need to settle for leaking, inadequate designs, which leave your shop, work, and office areas covered in harmful dust.  VES has the answer and proven technologies to protect your shop and your most valuable asset,  your people.

Veteran Equipment Systems & Sales (VES) 15’ Wide x 12’H x 20’L, Two Operator, Full Floor Recovery, HEPA Filtration, Hexavalent Chromium Elimination Edition, Blast Booth equipment specifications for all media types.

Provided equipment is compliant to the applicable OSHA, NESHAP, SMACNA, ASHRAE, the USAF Corrosion Control Reference Guide, and engineered to perform to the standards established in the T.O. 1-1-8. It is designed for use with all media types. The System will be capable of continuously blasting media while recovering and reclaiming the spent media. The blasting system will be capable of supporting up to two blast operators using individual hoses and StealthStrip™ blast nozzles. The spent media will be pneumatically conveyed back to the recovery/reclamation system and dust collector system for disposal of dust and debris. The recycling of reusable media will be captured via a below grade pneumatic full floor recovery system.

Blast Booth Equipment Specifications:

One Fully Modular Blast Enclosure: 15’W x 12’H x 20’L
• 12-gauge walls, 14-gauge ceilings
o High strength bolt together rectangular tube wall design
o Wall panels are interlocking and doubled sealed
o Wall panels are double skinned with an outer wall steel sheet cladding and insulated for maximum noise reduction
• 12 each high intensity LED light sets, with wire reinforced safety glass, providing approximately 100 ft-candles @ 36” from floor
o New Lighting Panel Design Includes a Positive Locking Feature replacing the old gravity style applications and includes a double sealing method to help prevent leakage.
• Heavy duty swing style equipment entry/exit doors and one metal personnel door complete with view windows and safety interlocks.
• Controls and indicators of the blast room and equipment will be easy to use and understand to control the equipment. All equipment supplied as part of the media recovery/separation system will be operated with a single on/off switch and the ventilation system will have a single on/off switch. All controls and indicators will be located on the equipment control panels, unless otherwise noted in this document. Controls include on/off switches for lights, the on/off switches for the recovery/separation and ventilation systems, and an emergency stop switch.

Dust Collector features include:
• One 50HP w/VFD, 18,000 CFM, 24 NANO Cartridge Filter Dust Collector with HEPA Filtration: Ventilation System providing cross flow ventilation of 100 FPM.
• Modular & Expandable allowing you to easily modify existing ventilation systems for future mission requirements.
• Photohelic pressure gauges to accurately measure filter loading and automatically initiate the electronically controlled reverse pulse air system
• Filter Access Doors are swing style, designed with a heavy-duty cam-over bar latching system that remains attached during filter change. The doors can also be easily removed if necessary.
o This is a huge design improvement over our competitors light industrial latches that are very prone to leaking, rusting, breaking/bending, need endless adjustment, have a poor gasket sealing method, and our competitors filter access doors require complete removal for filter access.
• Our cartridge filter design uses a double ring seal on the end plate that prevents blow-by of contaminants in the event of a single ring seal fail. This provides a more robust, sealed system.
o VES’s cartridge filter pan is fully formed, the filter cartridges are designed without the use of rivets or fasteners to hold the cartridge in place. This innovative feature eliminates the risk of poor workmanship and hardware failure that is common with other manufacturers weak riveted designs.
o To ensure maximum environmental and personnel protection from harmful dust, our dust collectors are designed to allow for the filters to be bagged and changed within the body of the dust collector.
o The dust collector will be designed with the cartridges mounted in the 100% true vertical direction. This is important for complete, even discharge of harmful particles, and clearing of the entire filter area. This total discharge of the filter dramatically extends filter life, saving thousands of dollars over non-vertical designed cartridge dust collectors.
o The fan/motor is direct drive, and contains no belts, pulleys, or sheaves.
o Includes gasketed waste drum lid to help prevent leakage and to keep rain and other elements out.
o As with our other dust free features, our gate valve design is enclosed which prevents leakage from the slide gate valve. This leakage is a common concern with our competitors poor gate valve design.
o Dust Collector Slide Gates are Fully Housed and Include an Internal Wiper Seal for the Gate Actuator Rod and contain no external seals that are prone to dry rotting and leaking on all other manufactures designs. This also results in a significant reduction in dust leakage during waste drum change-out.
o Dust Collector ventilation ducting – VES will provide design specifications for all ventilation ducting. All ducting shall be supplied by the customer.
o EASY-SLIDE Filter Cartridge System: Easy slide system provides for easier maintenance and filter replacement. All cartridge filters slide effortlessly on the guide rails. Our cartridge locking system includes a positive locking bar with an easy grip metal/rubber locking feature. Eliminates zip-tie locking.
• HEPA Filtration System:
o Provides 99.97% filtration of particles larger than 0.3 microns. The HEPA is custom designed and fitted to your specific dust collector, it is not just an aftermarket “bolt on” accessory/assembly. Our HEPA filters are engineered and manufactured for each dust collector. Most importantly, they are placed on the negative pressure side of the blower. In the unlikely chance of a primary cartridge failure this design will prevent leakage of harmful dust particles.
• ChromeKiller™ Dust Collector Shower Kit:
o VES’s dust collector design includes a ChromeKiller™ shower for Hexavalent Chromium elimination. The system includes 10 gallons of ChromeKiller™ hexavalent chromium eliminator. When activated, the system will coat the inside of the dust collector doors. This will convert dangerous hexavalent chrome to a harmless Trivalent chromium on contact, adding and extra level of protection for maintainers when performing maintenance and/or filter change out operations.

VET II, Twin Operator Blast Machine Includes:
• 10HP Motor/Blower driving a 1000 CFM cyclone with air wash. Air wash has three individual adjustments, one for air volume, one for air velocity, and third adjustment for particle cut-off size. This enables effective, very easily adjusted use with all media types.
• A 32 cubic foot clean media storage hopper
• Lightweight blast hose system consisting of 25 feet of 1-1/4” ID x 1-7/8” OD media hose and 15 feet of 3/4” ID x 1-1/2” OD “whip” hose for each operator’s ease and maneuverability
• Remote Control System with a low-profile control handle and automatic safety shut-off
• Two massive 7.5 cubic foot pressure vessels with 60-degree conical bottom for total and complete media discharge
• Fluidized section at pressure vessel discharge for smooth, even, repeatable media flow
• Media metering valve for smooth & repeatable media flow. A quick access cleanout port for fast access to the top of the valve without disassembling the compressed air pusher-line piping
• 1-1/2” compressed air inlet valve with 1-1/4” moisture separator, air pressure regulator, and gauge
• Heavy-duty Urethane Pop-up and seat media filler valve, for automatic refill on every exhaust cycle
• High volume 1-1/4” internal and external piping
• Two StealthStrip™ 1/2” Bore Blast Nozzles
o An advanced, ultra-low noise abrasive blast nozzle with improved worker productivity and ergonomics.
o StealthStrip™ reduces hazardous noise by as much as 20dB over similar nozzles and is designed as a drop-in replacement for a standard #8 long-venturi nozzle with similar size, weight, and strip rate. As a result, the StealthStrip™ nozzle will be half as loud as conventional nozzles.
o Reduction in hazardous noise by as much as 20dB(A) @ 100 psi
o Ergonomic design for operator comfort
o Drop-in replacement for existing abrasive blast equipment
o Reduced incidence of worker hearing damage
o Increased workplace productivity
o Reduced operator frustration
o Reduced OSHA noise citations
Below Grade Full Floor Pneumatic Media Recovery System:
• A superior media metering orifice design allows for faster and higher recovery static pressure rates compared to our competitors
• Our advanced floor sections are Guaranteed Clog-free:
• Floor Grating and Load rating will be designed and manufactured to a standard load rating of 2,000lbs./sq. ft.
• The media recovery floor sections will be manufactured in a modular design. In the rare instance a section may need repaired or replacing it can be simply removed and steel plates temporarily installed.
• The pneumatic actuated linear slide gate system is programable via the main ‘control center’ mounted PLC control panel.
• Recovery will be capable of independently setting the timing interval between the floor recovery sections. This feature allows for maximum media recovery, setting the timing for longer durations in the areas of heavy media concentration. This advanced system is instrumental in clearing the media from the room and dramatically reducing artisan exposure to potentially harmful contaminants.
• Designed system will promote the highest level in controlling media migration

VES’s media recovery troughs are not “M” section recovery floors. The “M” section is a low velocity, low static system that attempts to make up for the deficiencies of such systems by using a high volume of conveying air. Such systems are subject to plugging and the low static is unable to “push” the plug through the system. Our advanced design media recovery system uses high static, high velocity media conveying and is not subject to the plugging problems of low static systems and guaranteed clog free.

Dust Migration Mapping (DMM) System:
• Hazardous material leakage is often at a level too small to detect with conventional sampling equipment. Though hazardous dust may be present in the air at a level that doesn’t exceed OSHA limits, over time it will build up on surfaces at levels which will cause occupational health issues. Dust Migration Mapping (DMM) is a method to find and monitor these sources of dust leakage from hazardous material generation sources, such as Blast Booths or Welding Cells, with minimal effort and minimal exposure.
• VES’ Blast booth includes Qty 10 DMM collection pads and a one-year quarterly evaluation report. Each quarter VES will collect and replace the pads and provide a heat-map analysis to identify any migration of hexavalent chromium into non-blast areas of the facility. A comprehensive tracking “heat map” will be provided to identify existing and/or potential suspect areas that may need attention.

Two Blast Operator Safety Packages:
• Operator Safety Package Includes: (Customer supplies Grade “D” breathing air)
o Blast Helmet w/ 28” Cape
o Hood Starter Hose 25’
o Leather Gloves, 18” one pair
o XL Blast suit
o CO Monitor

Surfaces and Finish: All surfaces will be free of sand, dirt, flash, scale, flux, and other harmful or extraneous materials. All edges will be either rounded or beveled unless sharpness is required to perform a necessary function. Unless otherwise specified, the condition and finish of all surfaces will be in accordance with VES commercial practices. All ferrous steel components of the system will be primed and painted to protect the surfaces from corrosion unless otherwise specified within this document. Standard industry coating processes will be for production and off the shelf items.
ID Plates: All words on instruction plates and identification plates listed below will be in the Americanized English language using plain boldface characters. All marking will be permanent and legible on a contrasting, non-glare background.
Caution Plate: VES will furnish labels securely attached to the equipment in a visible location, with all important cautions to be observed by the operator. If more than one label is required to alert the operator and/or maintenance personnel in one or two areas, additional labels will be furnished.
Warranty: VES will provide a one (1) year warranty on all parts and labor from the day of customer’s acceptance. This warranty will cover the equipment and components specified in this document.
Technical Documentation: Upon completion VES will provide a complete set of manuals.