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Is the air you’re breathing safe? Don’t know? Now you can with “CHEM”! NSN: 6665-01-699-5112

Our portable and wheeled Continuous Hazardous Environmental Monitor (CHEM), will keep you safe, happy, and healthy! CHEM provides you with a real-time analysis of any harmful dusts that may be looming in the air. Updating as frequently as every 5 minutes, CHEM can be configured to sense Hexavalent Chrome, Cadmium, Beryllium, Magnesium, or most any other harmful dust  particle.  You can work confidently and without worry, knowing  that CHEM has you covered!

You can purchase a CHEM for your activity using NSN: 6665-01-699-5112.

Contact our staff at 1-877-75-BLAST or visit our website to learn more on how a CHEM unit can help you identify, defend, and protect your employees from harmful dust.