ChromeKiller™ Copy


ChromeKiller™ is a cleaning product designed to neutralize, convert, and remove carcinogenic Hexavalent Chromium (Hex-Chrome). Developed to suit the needs of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul depots inside the U.S. Air Force…ChromeKiller™ is the only Hex-Chrome cleaning product that actually neutralizes Hex-Chrome by converting Hex-Chromium into non-toxic Tri-Chrome.

ChromeKiller™ eliminates 98% of Hex-Chrome while the current market cleaners have no measurable change in the amount of Hex-Chrome present after cleaning. By converting the Hex-Chrome into Tri-Chrome, our ChromeKiller™ product and cleaning rags can be disposed of as general non-hazardous waste, while other current market product must be disposed as hazardous waste.

                   ChromeKiller™ can be easily mixed into traditional all-purpose cleaners or mixed with Industrial Process & Services LLC detergents to be used in cleaning aircraft as well as paint-stripped parts. ChromeKiller™ provides an easy, safe, versatile, and effective way to clean Hexavalent Chromium, protect workers, and ensure that operations never stop due to Hex-Chrome.


  • Easily mixed into Traditional all-purpose cleaners
  • Can be provided in powdered or pre-mixed form
  • Converts Hexavalent Chrome to Tri-Chrome on contact
  • Can be disposed of with general non-hazardous waste


  • Fast and easy to use, no waiting
  • Clean small or large surfaces easily
  • Create cleaner and safer work environments
  • Reduce risk of Hex-Chrome related incidents and citations
  • Increase worker confidence